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Calf Tattoo and Muscle Growth


I’m thinking on getting a tattoo on my calf, but i’m an athlete and i’m worried that the tattoo might get streched/disfigured. Is that something that happens often?


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That’s the kind of worry many would love to have.

This would be a concern if you were 150lbs and planned on developing into an IFBB competitor, but this isn’t the case.

If you are already an athlete, then your calf should’ve already grown…right?

You’d need to add like 3" on your calves in 6 months to have a problem and that’d be fucking impressive.

I’ve got a above knee tattoo and my legs have grown over 4" without a problem.

My calves aren’t fully developed as i’m only 15

I dont need to worry about my calves getting as big as you mentioned, I can’t really gain alot of muscle.
So i dont need to be worried that the tattoo might get disfigured?

Why? xD

On the off chance this isn’t a troll post. You’re 15. Don’t get any tats now, you will regret them. Whatever you think is cool now you probably won’t like at 30. By 30 your calves should be as large as they’ll ever be. Then get tats if you still want them.


Wait a few years before you get the tattoo.

Funny story: My one brother spent 28 years in the Navy and never got a tat. Retires from the nav, now has 8 different tats.


It’s not a simbolic tattoo, if it was, my parents wouldn’t let me get tat, so it’s not possible (atleast I think it isn’t) that i will regret the tat.

I know that i will get the tattoo at the age of 18 (if i will still think the same way I do now, which is very likely). I think it’s not wrong/harmful if I get the tat now.

I hope your tattoo artist is a better speller than you are…

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I’m not a native speaker

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It’s all good. I was just kidding with you.

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If you’re truly 15, then yeah, wait a while on the tattoo. Make sure it’s something you’re 100% confident you want.