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Calf Strength Imbalance

I have no calves. It’s half-genetic, half-im just a lil bitch. Anyway, no matter what exercise I do for calves, my inner calves do NOTHING. Even when I walk, I can feel my outer calves overcompensating for the inner portion. Any suggestions?

Really? That is unusual,most have a problem with outer…

Inner tend to be more highly stimulated when the feet are turned out slightly, say 30 degrees.

I am also toying with the idea that the outer gets more stimulation when a large stretch is utilized/donkey - or vice versa… i am working on a new discovery!!!

Go high reps and high weight. Get to the burn. and continue. when it gets unbearable, shut your eyes and control your breathing, and continue. IMO its the only way to grow - especially tha calves. Go through that excruciating pain and it will stabilize… find that point and look at the development…