Calf Strain?

Started about a week ago after deadlifts. Didn’t notice anything odd while doing them but after found my calf was quite painful while walking and really felt really tight.

There’s no pain when sitting or standing. I’ve tried prodding and rubbing all over my lower leg and can’t find anything tender or sore to the touch.

It feels worse the greater the flexion, so when walking up hills or stairs. The feeling is a painful tightness a bit like a cramp.

Any ideas?

Be carefull. I was playing floor hockey and after two intense games thought that I had a cramp in my calf. Turned out to be a torn muscle. Not sure of what to recommend other than if it persist you might want to think about seeing someone about it. Oh and if it is torn don’t be stupid like me and let it heal well before putting any strain on it.

I get the same thing periodically.

Sometimes it is from wrapping too low, and sometimes it geeks out when I am doing full range of motion squats.

Go get a deep tissue massage or ART. Either one will suffice.

You obviously have some inflammation that may be caused by some level of adhesion in b/t the gastroc and the actual calf muscle itself, or maybe something going on with a tendon sheath. However, I imagine it is a muscle on muscle adhesion.

That’s a good starting point, anyway.