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Calf Snap During Presses


In the gym this morning, I was doing seated calf presses and felt something snap in my right calf. It's painful, but I can still walk around if I don't put pressure on my right leg. If it's just a strain I won't worry about going to the doctor, but it felt like something physically snapped and I'm wondering if you need surgery to fix it.

Has this happened to anyone?


I occasionally 'crack' my achille's tendent (I think, it's near my heel). I don't know if it's a dangerous or bad or anything, but I'm usually able to continue whatever I'm doing (standing calf raises, etc). It will be sore for a day or so and then I'm fine.

I'm interested to see how this thread develops...


Where along the calf has this happened? How far up? Side of calf or "middle"?


It's in the middle part of my calf, near the top.