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Calf Routines

What was the most productive calf routine that you ever tried?

Issue #1 of T-mag- Luke Saunder’s routine by Poliquin

Issue #39- Ian King’s program

Luke Sauder stands above all. I put half an inch on my
calves and got MUCH stronger at the same time. (Of
course, you have to basically give up walking for a few days
. . .)

luke sanders routine from poliquin. everything from poliquin works so well, it’s almost absurd.

I needed some calf work myself, since it is my worst body part. What seemed to work best for me. After (or before) every workout do 100 calf raises. Changing the weight only every workout. Sometimes doing workouts with reps like 6-8 max. Or sometimes doing 50 reps max. I switched between 3 diff calf machines each workout and changing the reps each time. Also note i did this with a partner. And we would do the same weight, it became a competition everytime to see who can get to 100 first in the least amount of sets. I think this kicked my calves into shape. They are the best they have ever looked. I did this routine for about 12 weeks.

The Luke Sauder Calf Routine!!! It’s absolutely the best i’ve ever tried. Poliquin rocks!!! :slight_smile:

Well it seems that Poliquin’s Luke Sauder routine is a hit! Still… Ian Kings killer routine in issue 39 appeals to my masochistic side, hehe. So the Sauder routine is based on training the calves twice a week, one routine high volume and the other a lower volume. So I’m putting King’s Killer Kalf routine (if I may call it that) on the high volume day and a couple of supersets on the low volume day. How’s that?

Get fat and do anything that requires movement!
Having spent the manjority of my years weighing in over 220 lbs. (and up to 275!) and being extremely fat has helped me to acheive giant calves without having much need to work them. I probably do a few sets every week or two, and They stay at 19+ inches with no need for serious maintenance. Of course, when your arms are only 18" in comparison, it kinda sucks…

My advice is, always play with rep schemes. So many people swear by high volume, 20+ reps for calves, but the people who I've seen make the greatest progress aren't the ones doing weightless calf raises on the spotting stands on the backs of benches, it's the ones who are throwing 900 lbs. on the leg press and cranking out tough sets of 5-10 reps max. Everyone's different, but from what I've seen, low rep/very heavy weight works really well for some.



CharlesP’s routine is excellent but I found out about a awesome routine that takes about ten minutes or less to do. Take a weight you can do about 15 reps w/ on the seated calf machine. Proceed to do 15-20 reps. Rest about ten seconds and then try for 10-15. Keep doing this ten second rest/ten reps until you hit 100 reps. My calves have never been sorer from a calf routine.