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Calf Routine: Ian King or Charles Poliquin?


Hey guys. My calves don’t look terrible but I want them to become a strong point for me. I’ve been looking at calf routines and I saw the Luke Sauder looked really interesting and an Ian King calf routine.

Here is the Luke Sauder - https://www.t-nation.com/training/luke-sauder-calf-routine

and the Ian King one is as follows

a. one legged calf raise to failure
b. one legged donkey calf raise to failure
c. one legged seated calf raise to failure (20-30 reps)
d. one legged reverse roll-ups on leg curl machine (sit backwards on the machine and with the pad on your foot, flex your toes towards your knee, works the tibialis anterior.
e. one legged hops done for 1 minute
f. one legged balance done for 1 minute

I was wondering which to do or if anyone has done either of them what their results were. Thanks in advance!


Are you an elite bodybuilder? If not don’t waste your time with calf exercises. Your calf size is pretty much set.


i disagree. go with poliquin . first then king. try volleyball and mountain running


Um, I see that you haven’t posted on the forum in about three years, but this guy asked his question in 2016. I’m hoping he made a decision by now.


better late than never.