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Calf Raises

I know this will sound very stupid, but I wanted some different perspectives for this. 

I workout at home. I have a rack, among other stuff. Where my problem lies is that I do my calf raises in the cage (no spcific equip. for calves), but I can do more weight that I can put on the bar and not have severe bruising, if not the occassional bleeding on my shoulders and neck area.

I am still a newbie, I’ve tried the stingray, and it helps with the bruisin, etc., but not to jelp me get more poundage on the bar w/o neck soreness.
any suggestions are appreciated.

How about doing 1 leg at a time?

Or put less weight on the bar and try step ups.

Sounds like you’re not putting the bar on the right place. Make sure the bar is seated on muscle and not riding on the obny processes of your spine. Getting the bar down lower and the “shelf” created by your middle traps, rear delts and what not will probably help. If you don’t have a shelf back there then you probably need more rowing.

also elevate on a board for more ROM. that and simple sit on bench set plate on on leg and raise away one at a time.

Thank you all or the advice. Using 1 leg would also utilize more stabilizing muscles as well, I think.