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Calf Raise Problem


Sup guys, new guy here, been reading the articles for a while from T Nation and finally decided to join the community.

I have a problem that i would like to share with you all incase you have ever encountered anything similar or even better know a possible cause for the problem.

Ok without wasting any time, the problem is plantarflexion when i do calf raises. For this reason i don't really train my calves, and i feel it's a shame as it's a bodypart i really need to improve on.

Basically, whenever i do calf raises, whatever the weight, after a few reps, around my ankle and foot feels to be burning up, and just in general aching, and it's a shame because i can never workout efficiently as the pain overlaps any feeling of the muscle getting worked. For example if i were to do toe raises with a plate (dorsiflexion), i don't really notice the problem, and i can actually feel the muscle working which is a better feeling than feeling pain and aches.

I already am working on ankle mobility, and i have good mobility, but the problem is still there, im thinking it could be due to a knee problem im having, can elaborate if it'll help, thanks.

Hope this is the right section


Sorry if it seems like im bumping this early, i couldn't see the thread on the forum so thought it might of moved back a page




Anyone have any sort of idea on this problem? If i asked a phyiso they'd likey say, skip calf raises.


bump, i keep working on mobility but the problem isn't any better, seems worse when i do calf raises with one leg rather than double under a barbell, it's really becoming a pain.


I think I know what you are describing. What helped me is rolling the bottom of my feet with a lacrosse ball, and working on my calves/peroneals/achilles with The Stick. I used to have cramps in my feet and calves too, but those are gone now too.


I'd agree with Andy on this one. Grab a lacrosse ball and work on that soft tissue quality. Roll the bottom of your feel, medial and lateral gastroc, Achilles, etc. Just go to town working on that whole area. Warning: it'll likely hurt like hell.


Thank you both for the suggestions, could i use a tennis ball instead of lacross? I'll roll the bottom of my feet before doing calf raises, i have a foam roller that i roll my calves with too


tennis ball is fine, you might get used to it really quick. lax ball works great for me.


Hi guys, i was in a hurry last night, but i managed to have a quick go (shouldn't take long anyway), of rolling the tennis ball on the bottom of my foot. Unfortunately i didn't feel much, i was expecting it to be more tight and of a good pain similar to the IT band, but it seemed like it wasn't doing much to be honest.

The pain is mostly coming from directly above my heel, any other suggestions?


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The pain is above where my heel is, maybe the calcanel tendon, im not sure, but it feels like im putting a lot of stress on my ankle when i do a calf raise, i don't see why it hurts.


here's some links that may help





use a golf ball instead of a tennis ball



And thank you Andy, will check those out!


Checked the links as i saw one of the videos before but i don't think they're going to help, i do those stretch/mobility work anyways, the bands probably help, but i don't have none available to me, there's gotta be other options surely.


Id like to come back to this, is there anything else i can do to work on the problem?


The heel cord love i tried out, it felt good in my knees, not sure if it's working, what else could i try?



Does the pain recede (get better) within 1 - 2 minutes once you have stopped the exercise ?
Have you had any traumatic injuries to the area ?
Have you noticed this pain before doing other movements ?
Have you tried neural stretching, massage or sought professional help previously ?


Yes the pain fades away within a short time after stopping.
I would say no, my left ankle however, when i was skipping/jump rope before, i fell onto an uneven surface and my weight crushed down onto my ankle, but i feel it's completely healed now and isn't the cause as the problem is both ankles.
I wouldn't say Ive noticed it during other movements really, but been feeling some discomfort even walking now.
I have foam rolled my calves and used a tennis ball for my feet, that's about it really, i was afraid if i asked for some professional help they would just say "skip this exercise".