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Calf Raise Machine Shrugs

Hi guys,
I had c5-c6 fusion 05/06 & shoulder impingment surgery (no tears)11/06. I been getting strong over the past year and a half but am still having problems building up my upper traps & levator muscles. I was wondering if anyone does calve raise machine shrugs & if they would be a smart choice considering my previous injuries?

   I've read many articles discussiong scapula dysfunction but the seem to revolve around exercises for  the lower traps & serratus issues. I've included those movements with great results.But I feel my scapula dysfunction has to do with my upper traps & my neck fusion. Also are there any exercises i can do to strenghen my levator? I reall feel that my neck rehab sucked. I got some thera bands but not sure which exercises would work the levator scapulae.