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Calf raise injuries

Do any of you know of any injuries one can get form doing Calf raises? Thanks guys.

quite a few. sprain, strain, possibly rupture of the achilles tendon, innumerous knee injuries if done sloppy, if a bad piece of equipment is used, nerve impingement. the plantar fascia could be injured, (rare), since the weight that could be used could potentially exceed what the spine could support, there is opportunity for injury there as well…

Thanks alot Jay.

Jay, I have a question for you about how to perform calf raises in such a way to minimize the chance of injuring the knees…What do you think? I ask b/c I have had several ACL reconstructions as well as some medial meniscus removal(It’s been 2 years since the last surgery so I’m recovered). I haven’t really trained calves b/c of fear of knee damage, so if you have any insight I’d appreciate it.

I am trying without success to locate the study of the muscle activity of the gastroc during calf raises. I am not having luck. What I recall seeing, until I can find it, is that a slight knee bend, SLIGHT, with no active flexion or extension during the coarse of the lift was reported to recruit more fibers. I have noticed that I notice a considerable amount of work in my lower leg muscles, (hate to use that label, but pointing people to anatomy text to teach them that the “leg” is the part of the lower body below the knee, thigh is above,is tiring)anyway, deads and power cleans, are as good for my calf development than “isolating” the muscles. Good luck with reconstructive rehab.