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Calf Presses and Knee Pain

In the last couple of weeks my knee pain has come back, and its bad enough that I can’t squat or do leg presses. The only thing I can think of that might be causing this is a switch from 300+ lb. donkey calf presses to 550-600 lb. calf presses done on a leg press. My guess is that my knees can’t take that weight-the most they do anywhere else is in my 360+ lb leg presses. Does this seem like a reasonable conclusion?

Are you doing them on a decline leg press (where your pushing upwards like 45 degrees) and are your knees locked out or soft? It definately could be, thats a pretty big jump in weight.

Decline press keeping my knees bent (I never lock my knees on anything).

I have also experienced knee irritation from heavy calf training.

Cycling volume load and exercise variations is important for joint health. Just concentrate on variations that do not irritate the knees until it is better then cycle back in the heavier calf exercises.

Hack squat machine calf raises and both single leg and double leg dumbbell calf raises both work well for me when my knees are over trained. It also could be a good opportunity to work on seated variations.

Neoprene knee sleeves are also useful if you are not already using them.