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Calf Pain

When I run I get calf pain after words. Let me explain, if I run a few miles on a given day, I will be fine that day, but then my calves are shot. It takes a weak to heal them and I can hardly stand to walk on them for a couple of days. After about a week I am good to run again, but it takes at least that long to get over it.

The pain can be best described as a burning soreness, emphasis on the burning part, from the back of the lower calf up to about the middle. This shit would put me on the DL if I were a ball player, I simply cannot run until it has gone away.

Things I have done about it: I stretch my calves really well before and after running and through the week for that matter. I done the ice thing, I have done the heat thing. I have been massaging my calves with a baseball.

First, what the hell is it? I don’t think it’s shin splints, I have had those before and those are in front.

Second, what’s the cure?

Did I put this in the wrong spot, or just no clues? Anyhow, any info would be appreciated. Maybe I should have put this in the over 35 forum? We old folks tend to hurt more.