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Calf Pain from Squats w/ Wraps


Has anyone ever had this problem? Lately I have been wrapping my knees 2-3 times weekly and now by like the 4th set of wrapping in a workout they start hurting. Sort of tired and sort of just painful. Even feel them sometimes without the wraps. Any advice?


Down't wrap your knees extremely tight on every set. I used to get this too, ut when I stopped wrapping my knees on every set like I am going for a PR, it stopped.



Hmmmm I will try this. I don't wrap them that tight. But I guess I use APT convicts so they are pretty mean wraps. Might try just using something lighter like inzers for a while. Glad to know I'm not hte only one getting this! Thanks nik!


Yeah I'm only good for 3 wrapped sets or so before the skin gets too raw, maybe 4 sets max on a good day. Wrapping up 2-3x per week sounds like too much.


Either wrap less often, wrap for less sets, or start your wrap up a bit higher.

I can't have my wraps go too low or my calf'll cramp up and I'll be fucked before I even get under the bar, lol.


Save the wraps only for your heaviest sets. I have never wrapped them 4 times in one training session.


Well I train sheiko style so when I wrap it is always for 5-7 sets. I think I might just wrap looser and not go too low on my calf. Thanks for the advice guys.


Oh and also, when I am doing a suited squat workout, I will wrap for the 2 sets at 70% then for 5-7 sets at 80% so 7-9 sets of wrapping... lol, might need to re think that