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Calf Muscle Atrophy: Recovery Program?

Years ago my left leg had to be a in a cast for 4 months. As you can imagine, during that time my calf muscle atrophied and now is much smaller than my right. At the time the doctor didn’t have me perform any type of rehab.

I’m now getting back into lifting, and of course want to build my calf muscle up to where the right one is, and then continue to build my calves. I obviously don’t want to neglect my right calf why I build back the left, but I also don’t want the right to continually move ahead of the left. Can anyone recommend a program or provide advice on how to accomplish this? Thanks for your time.

Had a similar issue - knee surgery and the resulting recovery time left me with an atrophied right calf. Honestly I’ve just done extra sets for the right calf.

On days when I’m not doing dedicated calves training, I’ll work up to 100 reps of 1 leg raises throughout the day. When you do 2-legged movements, make sure you focus on engaging the weaker leg so the stronger one doesn’t overpower and completely take over the movement.

Walk up the steepest hill you can find. The longer or steeper the hills the better. If it’s too much start on lower shorter hills. Start as gradual as possible, you don’t want your calfs to adapt to fast you’d rather have them build.