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Calf Implants. Bad Idea!

I picked up a copy of maxim today…at least I think it was maxim as there were boobies on the cover and that’s all I can really remember. Well that and this story in the back about a guy that got calf implants. From what I read it sounds like his doctor got his degree from a Sears catalog. But to make a long story short the guy ended up having them removed along with 75% of his calf muscles. Makes me shudder. I think implantation of any kind is not a good idea. Ummmmmm acccept maybe breast implants. Okay those are stupid too.

I’ve got a Maxim where this bodybuilder went in to get his gyno taken out & got implants instead. I think if that happened to me I’d use all the muscle the steriods gave me to break the bones of the dumbass doctor who did that to me.