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calf help

Can anyone give me help on whay exeercises to do for my calves? I currently do seated and standing, bu tI’m not getting the results that I want. I do 3-4 sets of each at 15 reps. I have long legs and it seems to be really hard to gain any size in my lower body.

Honestly, did you even look in t-mag for an answer or do you just want everyone else to do your work? This was just published last week.

God damn.

search engine. try poliquins, calve routine found in one of his question of strength articles. it has worked great for me.

Last week there was a terrific article on this topic. Nobody reads the mag anymore, eh?

I tried Diamonds in the Rough (from Last weeks issue) and it made me cry. I’m looking forward to the next 5 weeks!

Hey!! I want big calves too!! But could somebody just read the entire mag and forum and just tell me what to do??


Reading the mag would be way too time consuming, eh? Better just go and get calf implants!

Jump rope. Work up to every other day or daily routines. This and some seated calf work is all you need.

In short: many more sets!

Nylo touched on it briefly, but the main problem with calves is that you’re basically doing a 1/4 calf raise simply by walking, so in order to add size to your calves, you need to work them considerably harder. More sets, more reps, use the search engine, as this has been touched on by many a T-mag contributor…

I am an advocate of using heavy weights instead of doing dozens of reps. You already do lots of light reps when you walk… what’s that going to accomplish? You need to use heavy weights. Not to over-simplify but heavy weights = big muscles.

Look, “you use your hands all day”, too… if you want big forearms should you do lots of sets of 25? Should you get a crappy little gripper and do endless reps? (to the jump rope suggestion). No, you use as much weight as you reasonably can, that’s how you grow. Higher reps are good sometimes because it is important to cycle your rep schemes, but you have to use heavy weights at least sometimes, if you want big calves. If you are regularly doing over 15-20 reps you are “aerobicizing” in my opinion. High reps “occasionally” but certainly not as your typical session.

Also, do controlled reps and full range of movements. I sometimes see guys training calves who look like they are having an epileptic fit. They bounce, they do incomplete movements, they do jackhammer-speed reps…Their calves always suck. You don’t do that kind of rep for any other bodypart, why is it okay for calves? Do full controlled reps, and when you fail to do a full rep, end the set.

That’s what works for me.

Luke Sauder.

Just read Diamonds in the Rough and Romaniello has got me crackin’ up!

Funny ass read, not to mention its got what appears to be some sound advice and innovative ways to train the calves.

As some of my other T-Mag bros said, be sure to check it out.

Oh yeah, and I definetely agree that a chick on your back for donkey calf raises looks way cooler than some 45lb plates hanging between your legs

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As Derek suggested, check out my DIR article in last week’s issue of T-Mag. The article touches on many of the reasons calves a notoriously problematic, as well as eludicating some correct training methodology.

ND - I am sorry to hear it made you cry! It’s a tough program, no question, but worth it, I promise you. I cannot stress enough the importance of proper recovery methods. Chad’s “100 Reps” will help greatly, as will the cryotherapy.

If calf growth is your main priority, give DIR a shot as outlined in the article. Try it along with some 4-AD and get ready for a very nice surprise.

Hope this helps."

John- Don’t feel sorry about DIR making me cry. It got me the sympathy of a lot of beautiful women. And hey, isn’t that what it’s all about?

"John- Don’t feel sorry about DIR making me cry. It got me the sympathy of a lot of beautiful women. And hey, isn’t that what it’s all about? "

You’re damn right it is! Now just get one of them to mount up for the donkey raise, and you’re good to go. It’ll look totally sweet.

To Derek:

I don’t have the time to surf the web like an internet geek. Go fuck yourself!

I just wanted to get everyone’s opinion on what they do for calves. If your going to be a smart ass, don’t reply.

I cried when I realized I’d be forever condemned to doing donkeys with plates instead of having a luscious girl riding on my back. John, why couldn’t you just include a beautiful woman with the program?

Jason, the article was in the online mag LAST FRIGGIN WEEK. That’s why you got a smart answer.

We can’t help people who refuse to help themselves.