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Calf Cramp

I train ju jutsu 5x/week 2-2.5 hours each time. on my last practice i was doing triangle choke and i got huge cramp in calf (soleus), i immediately stretched it but the pain is still here. its already 3 days passed and i still cant train, walking steps up or down hurts also.

i stretch everyday, also i drink alot of water, potassium, magnesium and calcium. i even did only warm shower on calf, then switched to cold/hot, nothing worked
any1 have advice how i could speed things up, i would really appreciate help

start to do soft tissue work… foam roll, lax ball, the stick, etc.

A cramp last seconds, may come back if you keep working on it. If it’s been days either you lightly strained it, or it’s DOMS. For a strain do not stretch much. You almost don’t need it until the pain goes away. If you had a rubber band half torn would you pull it more??

water potassium magnesium calcium all of that are good for endurance training and if your deficient but they are not the basic building blocks of muscle. Quality protein and carbs will help rebuild the tissue, for DOMs blood flow after 3 days you should be lightly working the muscle. Not so much that you feel just enough to get quality blood flow.