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Calf Cramp Post Arm W/O

I was doing a set of concentration curls to finish off my workout and my left calf cramped up horribly, the last thing i did w/ them was some heavy calf raises. Walking up the stairs to my dorm my left calf literally went rock solid, I’ve had cramps but this was ROCK SOLID and an indent, I think inbetween the muscles on the calf got like 1/2 inch deep and i started to see my pulse in it LOL

then it happened to the right and it took 30 minutes of stretching and pressure on the muscle to get it to relax…

normal calf cramp, am i just over reacting and id just never examined my calf as it cramped…


should i be worried about this, obviously i need to stretch more but does this type of intense cramping in both calves signal anything i should change?


I don’t know if it means anything to you but I only get charlie horses when I am not flexible enough. I always stretch my calf’s before doing calf raises. Consider trying this. Several times throughout the day stretch your calf’s, before you work them stretch them, and in between sets do the same thing.