Calf Cramp Doing Natural GHR

My left calf cramped in a crippling fashion
while doing natural glute ham raise.

I did these today, wedged my feet under
a plate rack and did these. I staggered through 3 sets of 3.

is this typical for some?

I do stretch, my calves, and do some foam/ball rolling.
on my ankles and calves but this was painful.
do I need to do more/other stretches?

thanks in advance


dorsiflex (pull your toes in towards your shins). That should solve it.



Are you new to ghr’s? Its a very different movment if you’ve never done it before

stay adequetly hydrated. This is why some muscles are prone to cramping due to loss of electrolytes. I hear pickle juice is great for reducing the likelihood of cramping before sports/training.

Good point Saps thank you.

I am new to natural GHR I have done them on a ghr bench before.
was expecting a learning curve, these kicked my ass-
and I got a huge cramp.

for the other poster, I stay plenty hydrated, but I think I will skip the pickle juice thanks