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Calf/ankle pain when deep squatting

I have pain in my right ankle and on the outside of the right calf when squatting ass-to-grass, especially in the bottom position, which interferes with force generation out of the hole, - particularly bad since Im on the last week of Coach Davies Nitro Squat program.

The pain started after I did ~30 minutes of incline walking on a treadmill (10-15 degrees incline), which apparently in combination with my superpronating set it off…

Any suggestions to how I can make this go away ASAP ? Stretching helps some, but it comes back when squatting…

May be a strain; a tweaked ligament in that area… not much muscle that I know of in that region of the calf & ankle (?)
Just rest it up and RICE it (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) If you can stand it, take off doing legs for about a week… go by feel.
You also haven’t given us any stats; are you overweight for your height, previous injury to that area, do you always do incline work on treadmills, etc. Last thing I can suggest is that “ass to grass” squatting may not be for you due to your build… Hope any of this helps.

jay, thanks for the response. Im 6’5’’ and 270 lbs, - and while Im not bodybuilder lean, I also wouldnt consider myself overweight :slight_smile:

I havent done incline walking before like that, - Ive only had the “injury” before when playing 2 football games as DT in one day…I think its just the superpronation in combination with my flat feet, and have never seen it from squatting before. I think I’ll tough out this week (finish the program), then take half of next week off from legs…

your ankles probably aren’t flexible enough.

Are you breaking at the hips enough?

I was going to say I’m a fat bastard myself and weight loss is a serious goal… For me it’s the knee pains that hit after a few hard games of squash and after hard sprints…
Ankle flexibility is very key and so is stretching the front of your shin; the tibialis…
Walking/running on inclines actually helps minimize shinsplints as the angle helps work up your tibs… Warm up your lower joints thoroughly and things should clear up. Good luck.

ankle flexibilty should not really be much of an issue if you are sitting back far enough.

as far as the pain is concerned it seems as though you are describing the peroneus longus, and/or peroneus brevis. both run down the outside of your lower leg and track around the bony part of the ankle.

while you are squatting they would be acting to stabilize the foot so you dont topple over.

just a rough guess, but if i were you id get a physio to check it out and advise rather than keyboard doctors telling you to get more flexibile.

well, - physios has looked at it before and it apparently just comes because of my superpronation…Im not so much wondering why it happens, but how to make it go away quickly…

perhaps rather than making the pain go away you should be trying to strengthen the area.

wobble board training or similar, not thise davies circus tricks stuff, just simple wobble board or even standing on one foot for time should do the trick.

the pain is there for a reason, jack up some opiates if you just want it to go away quickly, or rehab it properly so it doesnt bother you in future

true, very true…