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Calf and Foot Pain

Last week I started to feel tightness in the area directly below and under the calf muscle. The tightness quickly turned to pain and I had difficulty walking. I figured I would just stay off of the foot and the pain would go away. I was wrong. Finally I went to the Doctor on Friday. After hearing my symptoms he immediately had me checked into the hospital at night for an emergency blood pressure check to ensure that I was not suffering from a blood clot.
Luckily I did not have a clot but the pain is still with me. It has now migrated to the arch and the top of my foot. I only feel pain when I stand on it. I am taking anti-inflamatories but this has put a real squash on my training efforts. I had been doing well on the Mag10. I plan on taking at least 10 days off from training but that all depends on my healing properly.
Has anyone else had a similar problem? I am going back to the Doctor on Wednesday but I was hoping to tell him that this would be behind me. One other note, don’t ignore calf pain - Most often it is a strain but if isn’t you could be getting yourself into serious trouble.

This may be a dislocation of one of the bones in your foot. Many times, these dislocations show up as pain up in the calf. When I dislocated my cuboid, it showed up as extreme pain behind the outside ankle bone and extending up into the calf muscle. Might be worth checking out. Treatment was nothing more than popping the bone back in place and taping the foot up for 6 weeks (kept me from swimming and running, but I could still bike). If you use good arch support, you may be able to still leg train.

The pain was increasing so I went to the Podiatrist today. It looks like I have Posterior Tibial Tendonitis. The Doc wrapped my foot up and gave my arches some extra support. I will also need to use orthopedics in my shoes.
The only other problem is that since my foot has been wrapped the pain in the arch of my foot and the bottom of my calve feels like it has intensified. I am using crutches to get around. Has anyone else had a similar problem? How long did it take to heal?