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Calculators for Test Levels


I have been searching for a calculator to figure blood levels for a given amount of test injected. I am sure there are individual variances, but there must be some standard. For example if you inject X test it should produce x blood level for x time depending on the ether. Anyone?


Try this link, I have compared the dosages listed, and for me they are close.

Here's another:
The second link if you uncheck the "show active" box on the right, once again for my blood work, 200 in the total column= 1000ng/dl,
100=500ng/dl, etc.


So the results are based on glut shots. Is there any info on the release rates from other muscles? For example if the glute is the base rate - how many times faster or slower is - say the bicep, quad, ect.....

Thanks for the calculator KNB!


I've seen that info, and don't remember where now though. When I find it again, I'll post.