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Calculation for Someone Smarter than Me

How many ml is 10mg (Cardarine) on a 1 ml dropper?

If the 1 mL dropper is full, then it’s 1 mL. If it’s half full, then it’s 0.5 mL.

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My sarcasm was lost… I would need to know the concentration of the drug. It should be on the label as mg/mL.

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Apparently, so was mine.


If the concentration is 10mg/ml, which should be indicated on the bottle, then you would use the full dropper (1ml)

Assuming the desired dose is 10 mg

Original question was “How many ml is 10mg (Cardarine) on a 1 ml dropper?”

You are correct. Sorry about that

Check the concentration, but the one’s i have seen advertised are 20 mg/ml.