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I am new to programs with 'n RM max' weights expression. How can I convert 'n RM max' to n % 1RM max'?

Example: 5 RM maximum are how many % of 1RM max?



Ok, first off, "1RM" refers to One Rep Max meaning the absolute maximum amount of weight you can lift for a given exercise for just one rep. By definition, your 1RM could never be performed for more than one rep at a time.

Most training programs obviously have you performing more than one rep per set. In this case, you'll be lifting less than your 1RM. This can be expressed as a percentage of your 1RM.

You'll often find training programs requiring you to lift "X% of your 1RM". So if your bench 1RM is 200lbs, 90% of your 1RM would be 180lbs.

Hope this clears it up for you...


You did not understand me. I clearly know all what you tried to explain me. Thank you anyway. I'm habituated at this kind of weights 'expression' (in percentage of 1 RM) in training programs and now I have a program with another type of weights 'expression'.

Example: I have to do a certain exercise with 3 reps and 5 sets at weight of 7RM.

7RM is equal to n% 1RM, and n is?



Please take the numbers below with a grain of salt. The fiber dominance of a muscle will determine if the reps are more or less than the number shown. These are estimates. The best way is to try a set with a weight and adjust it from there. That is generally what the first workout of a series is for in my opinion, determining the proper load.

1 100.0%
2 94.3%
3 90.6%
4 88.1%
5 85.6%
6 83.1%
7 80.7%
8 78.6%
9 76.5%
10 74.4%
11 72.3%
12 70.3%
13 68.8%
14 67.5%
15 66.2%
16 65.0%
17 63.8%
18 62.7%
19 61.6%
20 60.6%


Thank you!