Calculating Total Load for Weighted Bodyweight Exercises

i have been training for a few years and always wondered about weighted lifts.

if i throw two 45lbs wheels (90lbs) on my belt with my bodyweight at 129lbs, are those considered 219lb dips?

I would think it is a good enough estimation, though knowing that you are not dipping any of the weight of your hands and forearms.

Going for bragging rights? For tracking progression, with BW is probably a bit more accurate, but it doesn’t really matter.

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I was told once that with dips you’re shifting about two thirds of your bodyweight; no idea though if this is accurate. By this analogy you’d be dipping c.175lbs at your current weight. Does it really matter though?

I dont think tracking the total weight is applicable for dips. Pull-Ups are a bit more viable, but I still don’t see a reason for tracking it. if you gain 5lbs muscleand reduce your added weight by 5lbs - you have lifted the same amount yet the lift was easier.

If you weigh 400lbs and pull 800lbs, people say “well yeah, but its only 2x his bodyweight”

If you weigh 200lbs and pull 400lbs, people will say the same

What I’m getting at, is tracking your bodyweight + weight lifted seems pointless IMO. I can do dips with 90lbs on the belt and I weigh ~220lbs, so does that mean my total of 310 makes me stronger than you - even though we added the same weight?

Tracking weight lifted only is what I believe to be standard practice. I write “45 + BW” in my logs when it applies.

thank you everyone.

yea, it was all about bragging rights. NOT ego. I let my ego go along time ago when I progressed by doing 65lb neck press’s.

i only weigh 129lbs and can dip 125lbs, so bragging rights all the way!

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With that much natural strength, maybe you should start competing in powerlifting and see how far up you can get in the top 100 of your weight class. Now that’s some real, unbias, measuring standard lifts for bonafide bragging rights.


thank you sir. i thought about it but i have a lot of injuries from my motocross days. i do win all the pull up contests at the gym, lol.

just to clarify i am not “exactly” natty!

thanks again man, at 48 years old i am done chasing something down. i will let it come to me.

BTW: my bench press and legs suck!

dips and deads are dialed in!

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i can do 6 reps, 90lbs (2 wheels+BW 220lbs) weighted hammer grip pull ups!

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You can see if you can get into the top 100 of deadlifts. When I competed you had to complete all three powerlifts to get a total, and thus get credit for the deadlift you do.

I saw a number of bench press guys do a 135lb squat and deadlift and try a max bench press, hoping to beat some mark (or record).

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You motivated me. I live in Hawaii, not much going on here. I will look into it.

If I’m looking at this correct there is no state record for deadlift for your weight class. So you could be a hero

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Bro, the way to go here is to start with just the bar, then use fractional plates until you reach your 1RM so your name can be every name on the top 100 deadlifts.

Pure genius

i am going to look into this. thanks!

next week i will record my dips and post up. just want to make sure my form is good.

Right on guys, thanks.

I was on the fence with bragging rights. I dropped the ego bullshit along time ago. That’s how i progressed with 20lb bench press, lol.

But just as pointed out, I can dip 2 45’s and a 35lber (125lbs) and only weigh 129lbs.

So yea, just bragging rights.

Thanks again!

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