Calculating Release of Testosterone Into Blood from Accumulated Cycle for PCT

Hello guys. I have prepared the software. I just need numbers to display you correct values

I make these assumption to calculate

Lets say propionate 100mg has 70mg testosterone and has half life of 48 hours

So at day mark 2, it will become 50mg and release 50mg into the blood in 2 days

So in day 1, it will release into the blood 25mg and since it has 70% testosterone ratio, you will get 17.5mg in day 1

When the day 3 comes, it will become 50mg and it will release this time 12.5mg into the blood instead of 25. So you will get 8.75mg testosterone in day 3 and day 4

Probably releases are not linear like this but i think it should work out

So What values i need right now?

Currently I am calculating for Sustanon

It has these esters

So i need ester half life and the amount of testosterone it contains for per 100mg

Testosterone propionate : half life 4.5 days , testosterone ratio?

Testosterone phenylpropionate : half life ? , testosterone ratio?

Testosterone isocaproate : half life ? , testosterone ratio?

Testosterone decanoate : half life ? , testosterone ratio?


I have found the values here >

So according to those values here the full output > PCT sustanon - Google Sheets

So it is said that average male body produces 7mg testosterone per day and active biological half life of testosterone is 2-4 hours according to wikipedia

So we can assume that we should start PCT once the daily release of testosterone into body after below 7mg per day

It gets below 7mg per day at day 22 mark

Which explains why start PCT after 3 weeks scientifically :slight_smile:

SteroidCalc does this already, but without the conversion of actual test vs total weight with the combined ester. Don’t do extra work if someone else has done it for you.

I have updated the thread and i believe this proves why PCT starts after 3 weeks

after all years of experience bro science was correct

I thought PCT starts 2 weeks after last injecting?

Sustanon has an extra long ester in it. It’s testosterone deconate or undeconate, I forget which. Either way it’s half life is like 14-16 days and remember by the end of a ten week cycle you have all those lingering half lives of the previous shots built up in your system. So three weeks after your last shot the levels are low enough for PCT drugs to work.

For most long ester cycles it will be enanthate or cypionate which you do wait two weeks.

Should have read the OP before I opened my mouth. Sustanon has test deconate in it.

Any cycle with EQ or deca in it you will need to wait three weeks after last shot of EQ or deca to start PCT.

Basically we have short esters, mid length esters but the only common single mid length is NPP, long esters like enanthate and cypionate then we have the extra long esters.
We do occasionally see test isocaproate being sold by UGLs but usually it is in some sort of blend and of course sustanon, it is a mid length ester.