Calculating Macronutrient Profile

I’m slightly embarrassed to put this here and not in Beginners, but here goes:

When I actually got to figuring what I’ve been eating, I realized that there’s a reason I’m a skinny bastard.

Now, when I sit down and try to actually plan I’m a little confused as to how to figure my macro profile.

Should I be looking at it like I need 190 grams of protein a day for maintenance, then figure that I’ll also need 190 grams of fats and 180ish grams of carbs (if I’m using a DeVanyish 35%/35%/30% ratio)? Or is there another way I should be doing this?

It sounds to me like
A. you’re a beginner
B. your diet is not dialed in

So, as a beginner and skinny guy, it’s my opinion that you count overall calories and grams of protein. More than figuring out if a 40/30/30 ratio or a 60/20/20 or whatever is right for you, just EAT.