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Calculating Macro Nutrients


I've started a bulk and want to make sure I'm correctly calculating the macro nutrients.

On training days, I'm taking in

~ 4600 calories
~ 365g protein
~ 300g carbs
~ 205g fat

To calculate macros, would I add proteins, carbs, and fats, and then divide by whichever nutrient to get that macro value?

For protein I would do, ((365+300+205)/265)*100), correct?


No, because protein and carbs are 4 kcal/g and fat is 9 kcal/g. It be more like (((365*4)+(300*4)+(205*9))/(365*4)))*100


No--to get a percentage, use 100*(Macro Calories)/(Total Calories) <--inverse of markdp's answer


100*365*4 / (365*4 + 300*4 + 205*9)


Did you ever try reading some of the most basic nutrition articles here or picking up an easy read like the Idiots Guide to Nutrition by Joy Bauer RD?

Protein has 4 calories per gram. So here goes.

Get calories from protein:
365 x 4 = 1460

Get fraction:
1460 / 4600 = 0.32

Get percentage:
0.32 x 100 = 32

So the diet's 32% protein.

Do the same for the rest.


Got it, thanks for explaining.