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Calculating How Much, What and When?

Hi everyone

I want to be able to figure out for myself:

-how much protein i need daily,
-what kinds of foods i should eat
-When I should eat those foods
-how much of each type of food

I was given a diet over the phone so I dont know how the dude calculated everything and i want to empower myself with that knowledge.

I weigh 78kgs, dont know pounds (im a kiwi)

and using that info he prescribed for example

breaky: cup of oats 250grams of cottage cheese and a bagel with peanut butter
lunch: 180 grams of chicken and 200 grams of potato?
dinner: 150 grams of steak

I want to know how to determine these things

Can anyone tell me a formula or a book i can buy thats good, or can some one email me the tricks??

thanks T men

Use the search function and the internets.

Honestly, all of your questions have been answered.