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Calculating EOD Dosing

Hey everyone,

I need help figuring out how to calculate EOD dosages. If I Inject .25ml every other day how many mg of test is that a week? Thanks for any help you can provide.

Firstly, always talk about dosages in mg, we don’t know how your vial is dosed.

Secondly lets keep it as simple as possible.

You could literally do the math in a 4-day calculation schedule.

Lets say you’re doing 50mg EOD:

50mg EOD in 4 days is 100mg.

100mg divided by 4 days where the injections occured = 25mg.

25mg x 7 days = 175mg weekly.

that is solid math but not sure why you would double it to divide by 4 instead of just divide the EOD injection by 2 to get the ED injection volume and then multiply by 7.
J71, we can’t tell you what your weekly volume of test is; well i suppose that is not true either. we could give you the volume, but we can’t tell you how many mg you are injecting since we don’t know what the concentration of you vial is. It is most likely 100mg/mL, but could be 200mg/mL.
if you vial is 100mg strength then .25mL daily injection (.25x7=1.75mL/wk x 100mg/mL) would give you 175mg of Test per week. Double that for 200mg strength, but then you aren’t really TRT anymore

sorry, you were .25ml every other day. that would be 87.5mg for 100mg/mL strength or 175mg for 200mg/mL.
Conversely, take the .25mL injection volume multilply by 3.5 to get weekly injection volume and multiply that by concentration

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Thanks for your help. I should have given more information up front so I apologize. My test concentration in 200mg/ml. I appreciate you taking time to reply.

Bruh, this never crossed my fucking mind!

How could i miss something so obvious???

Assume this is a 200 mg/mL T solution? If not (i.e., 250 mg/mL then you need to adjust).

200 mg/mL X 0.25 mL = 50 mg/injection E2D

50mg/2 = 25 mg/day

25 mg/day X 7 = 175 mg/week.