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Calculating Caloric Expenditure From Work(Job)

So, here’s the deal. I work as a server approximately 40 hours a week. About 15 of those hours are spent during crazy rush time where I’m walking at a brisk pace carrying(somewhat, 10-15lbs or so) heavy loads of plates around etc.

The rest is much more relaxed, for the most part. I’m curious as to what kind of an effect that would have on my daily caloric needs when cutting.

As an example:
I’m 6’0" weighing 190 lbs currently. I eat somewhere in the range of 2500 calories a day, spread across 6 meals. I train 3 days a week for approximately 45 minutes to an hour on a body-part split(M/W/F).

For cardio I do about 35-40 minutes of low intensity fasted work in the morning 5 days a week(M-F), and 2 20-ish minute sessions of sprinting at a field near my home(Tues/Thurs). Weekends I take off to fully rest.

Basically, I’m wondering if that will be sufficient to attain a respectable level of fat loss, or if I would still need to cut my calories further or make adjustments to my training regimen. I feel like my calories are a tad on the high side, but that maybe my relatively active daily job would help to offset that.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Quick Edit: I know most of you reading this are thinking “why the hell are you trying to cut fat at 6’0” and 190 lbs?". Well, I started out very weak and skinny, but with a noticeable gut. Somewhere in the 18% bodyfat range, 36" waist if I remember correctly. This was about 4 months ago. I’ve since gained about 15 lbs and kept my waist about the same, maybe an inch smaller from beginner fat loss despite trying to gain weight. At this point I’d just like to get myself down to a respectable amount of not-fatness before continuing on my quest to get hyoooge. Only trying to drop about 20 lbs.

I tend to take a very simple pragmatic approach to this type of problem. If you’re not losing weight, eat less.

I have a good equation that calclates your basal metabolic rate, then accounts for lifestyle and gives your caloric raquirements to lose weight… It isnt exact, as it doesnt need to be.

It is from one of Chris Aceto’s books (google him - hes a good nutritionist for bodybuilders such as cutler) and i have used it with success on myself and on clients too.

1/ Weight-BF% = LBM
(so if, bf% = 15%, weightx0.15 = BF)

2/ LBMx10kcal = Basal Metabolic Rate.

3/ BMR x 2 (Extremely Active)
BMR x 1.7 (Very Active)
BMR x 1.4 (Moderately Active)
BMR x 1.2 (Non-Active)

= Total Daily Caloric Requirement.

Extremely Active - Work as Labourer or Builder and train 5x a week.

Very Active - Work above physical jon and train 3x a week OR Work Desk Job and train hard 5x a week.

Moderately Active - Desk job and train 3-4x a week OR work a physical job with no added exercise.

Non-Active - Neither exercises nor works a job.

For you i would place you at around 1.5-1.6 maybe as you have a desk job with SOME activity, and you train 3-4x a week…

So at 190lbs and approx 15%bf you are 161.5lbs LBM.
161.5 x 10 = 1615 BMR.

1615 x 1.6 = 2584kcal/day

So begin at this and drop by 250kcal to 380kcal (10-15%) if you see the weight loss stop.
You obviously need to control insulin and keep protein high, at or above 1g/lb bodyweight.

What do ya think?


That’s fantastic info, thanks very much!

Was that for me or Joe? We both said the same thing, mine just had less math :wink:

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