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Calculating Androgel Dosage

I have a few bottles of androgel and no access to injectables for awhile so I figured I would do with what I got for now. It’s 1% androgel.

How exactly does dosages work with this stuff? I figured if I take 8 pumps equals 10g with 1% testosterone this means 100mg and it has 10% absorption efficiency so I would get 10mg Per day that’s 70mg per week. Is this correct?


Yes. If 10% is absorbed.

I think your math is right but you’re comparing apples to oranges. 100mg/day of 1% Androgel is the top dose. 70mg/week of Test-E or Test-C would be a very low dose. At 50mg/day of 1% Androgel my Total T comes in at around 515 ng/dL. At 75mg/day it comes in around 818 ng/dL. I have not been tested on a 100mg/day dose but presumably I’d be over 1000 ng/dL. Based on that I’d say a better equivalency would be that 50mg/day is about equal to a 100mg/week dose of Test-E or -C, 75mg/day is about equal to 150mg/week of Test-E or -C, and 100mg/day is about equal to 200mg/week of Test-E or -C. That makes sense to me as those are standard does for each type of Testosterone.

Of course some people swear that they don’t absorb Androgel well at any dose. It works fine for me. I did read a study that indicated that if you spread the gel out thin over multiple body areas (e.g. - both shoulders and abdomen) your absorption rate will be higher than if you lay it on thick in one spot. That seems logical to me. I’ve started doing that but I have not had my levels tested since so I have no idea what effect it’s actually had.