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Calculating 1RM


Hey guys, I'm doing a bench press comptetition tomorrow (sort of a spur of the moment thing...) and I haven't been training my 1RM. I've been doing CW's TBT so yesturday I did 215x8. Any ideas of where my 1RM should be? I haven't maxed in a year or so (yeah, not smart but whatever). Any help would be appreciated.


I think everybodys different, but if I wer hitting 215x8, I'd put my max at about 260-275.


Thanks for the quick reply man.


maybe open at 250 and see how you feel?


id say take your opener at 250ish and see how you feel from there.


Your "approximated" 1RM is 260 Lbs. If you haven't done any maximal strength training in a year, I suggest making the fist lift at 230 or 235 lbs. Make the second attempt at 245 or 250 lbs. depending on how the last attempt felt. Then make your final attempt at the suggested 260 lbs.


Hey guys thanks for the help. I started at 240, then 250 and then 265 for my final attempt (not exactly "easy" but not "hard"). Of course I lost my catagory (166-182) but at least I have a general idea of where I'm at and it was a good time. Thanks again for the input.