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Calculated Bioavailabile T?

Is this your free T calculated with the effect of your shgb?

This is testosterone not bound by SHBG, which includes free testosterone and testosterone bound weakly by other proteins, like albumin.

I’m just trying to get ready for an appointment. I’m seeing a dr that claims to have a background in men’s health. Says he wants me up in the 500 range. I was at 71 total before starting gel 2 weeks ago. When i go back i will be switching to injections but he has told me on the phone i would only have to inject weekly. My shgb was low but he moat likely didnt have my results in front of him at the time. I plan to mention the fact that I think I will need multiple injections weekly and also plan on asking about hcg for fertility reasons. I just want be prepared with the info to argue my case if he doesnt agree or understand why I think I need either thing.

Very low bioavailable testosterone would point to high SHBG.

My total t was also 71 though, so my bio available t would naturally be low. I just want to get so my facts straight incase this dr doesnt have the background he claims. I jad to get the gel from one of his coworkersbecause he was out for a frw days and I wasnt waiting any longer when i finally got my results

I never paid much attention to that column so I went back to see MINE:

Testosterone Bioavailable Calculated

UNIT nmol/L

I take it the higher the better and this is good.

So this must just be like a percent of my total available right? Because how could I have a good range when my total is like 10 times lower then it should be? So I have 13.2 and a good level in a person running like 700 would probably be like 132? Or did my body somehow become efficient enought to make a good bio available amount out of an extremely low total T?

But you DO NOT have a good bioavailable, your lab report pic shows it: (L) 27.9 in a range from 110-675. That’s LOW and you prolly have a High SHBG.

Ok i was confused because of that pic you posted i thought that was from one of the screenshots I put up. Ok makes sense. I guess back to my original question regarding shgb in just always assuming the worst will happen so when i say hey Dr I think i need to inject more than once weekly based on low shgb and he says why would that matter i want to have a detailed explanation. Like i said I’m just seeing a Dr at an urgent care that i like and has been good to me so far so i just dont want to be left with my only reasoning being because someone on the internet told me low shgb= more frequent injections. I do tend to respond to other medications better as multiple doses

The reference ranges and what’s considered normal is often too low, healthy young men are hitting 700+ Toal T and Free T in the 20-25 pg/mL, these are the optimal ranges. Same thing with thyroid levels, there’s normal and then there’s optimal ranges.

Insurance companies are playing games to save on costs and the Endocrine Society and FDA are complicit in a attempt to lower standards. The denial of healthcare coverage by insurance companies is based on the requirements to meet specific testosterone threshold (under 300 ng/dL), representing a transparent desire on the part of the insurance companies to deny treatment and thereby reduce costs.

This <300 ng/dL cut off point wasn’t chosen not based on studies, but chosen to make it easier to deny treatment to save on health care costs.