Calculate Bodyfat Based Shoulders, Neck, Waist?

Is there a measure of body fat based on shoulders, neck, waist, height, age, gender and of course weight?

I’m asking because these are the easiest things to measure by myself, and I measure them every morning.

Even if there is; it would only be a number.
If your site reading decrease you are getting leaner. If they increase then you are heading in the other direction.
From there the rest is done with the mirror. Your look at 8% has nothing to do with another lifter’s look at 8%.

I’ve seen one that was based on I think neck, waist, weight, gender, and perhaps height, but it certainly wasn’t in any agreement with reality in my own case nor, I think, would it be for any high percentage of people.

Body structure is too variable for that to be possible. One person could be otherwise identical to another but for lower bodyfat and a waist two or more inches THICKER.

But the formula would insist that the lower bodyfat person was instead much higher bodyfat.