Hey. I read somewhere that increasing calcium in your diet helps control or regulate abdominal fat. I am aware that calcium requirements vary for everyone, but does this statement sound true to anyone? Also, does anyone have any decent info on calcium requirements?

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"One of the premier calcium researchers (Dr. Zemel) evaluated the effects of supplemental and dairy-based calcium on weight and fat loss in obese adults over a six month period. The reason for this study was that this lab previously demonstrated that fat gain ? mediated by the effects of Vitamin D ? occurs when you increase intracellular calcium. However, when calcium is increased by dietary means, increased thermogenesis and fat loss occurs.

This study evaluated 32 obese adults receiving supplemental calcium, a high-dairy diet, or a control. The results indicate that the high-dairy calcium group (1200-1300 mg/d) experienced the greatest fat and weight loss as compared to the control group. The weight loss was ~11% of the total body weight. In conclusions, it was found that dietary sources of calcium were more effective at weight loss than supplemental form (1).

While this is an intriguing new area of research for weight loss (calcium plays an integral role in muscle contractions and many physiologic processes), I’d hazard a guess that it wouldn’t be conducive to weight loss if most of your calcium came from Ben & Jerry’s! Stick with low fat dairy and dark green leafy vegetables and don’t give up on supplemental calcium."

Of the many types of calcium supplements, which one is the best?