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i’m asking this for my mom and several of her friends who apparently are deficient in calcium. can anyone tell me the optimum way to take calcium? The reason i ask is i heard calcium needs vitamin d added to them or else your body cant absorb it or absorbs inefficiently. Ive also heard that calcium needs magnesium in it to be effective not vit d? is any of this actually true or just bs?

Calcium is a little tricky because doctors are making good money from the “cash cows” called mainstream media. Calcium carbonate, gluconate, dolamite, sea bed, oyster shell, egg shell etc. etc. etc…
Are all derived from rocks and are only 8-12 % absorbable. So lets say you have 2000 mgs. of Citrical. 8-12% is absorbable so 8-12 mg of that is absorbable calcium. you would have to take 90 of these to get the right amount!!!
So you see finding the right minerals is very tricky. Keep reading up and educate yourself.
There are over 77 minerals and 17777 mineral myths thanks to doctors. So find your calcium in the chelated form or Plant derived colloidol form. It is a marketing trick on a bottle of minerals to get a big number. I seen a bottle of calcium almost a foot tall and it said 5000 mg per tablet! CHEAP SHIT!
Marketing scam. If you find a good calcium take it with every meal a little at a time and do not take it with iron or high iron taking meals. hope this helps sorry so long!

calcium AND vitamin D? That sounds like Milk

I am real interested in this as well. Please all who know anything respond!


The most easily absorbable form is calcium citrate. This requires taking more pills then other forms but it has the advantage that it does not require stomach acid for absorption. This is helpful because many older people do not make optimum amounts of stomach acid. For younger people, the form is much less critical. Magnesium and vitamin d are also required for bone formation.

I could be mistaken but there seems to be mistake on the calculations presented. If calcium supplements are 8-12% absorbable a person would have take approx. 8-12.5 times the RDA to actually be able to absorb the RDA. (approx 4-6 servings 2000mg citrical)Does this look correct to you?

i’m so confused now…

The most absorbable form of calcium is not citrate…It is the form of hydroxylapatite
Or plant derived colloidol calcium which is 98%absorbable, 7 times smaller than a red blood cell and is negativeley charged.
The mainstream media is telling everyone it is citrate. It really isn’t I did a 10 page paper on it.
As far as helping absorb calcium Vit. d, magnesium, boron helps absorbtion.

dr. would u recomend a brand please-thanks for your help

The one thing i do know for sure is do not take the two together…has something to do with taking one makes the other useless…sorry i am not very specific but i cant remember the exact content.

Calcium supplements are tricky and subject to a plethora of scams. First up is Citrical ( Calcium Citrate). They claim this citrate form to have the highest absorption ratio of all the formulations, but the studies I have seen has shown that the citrate version is arond 27% + or- 3% absorbed, whereas Caclium carbonate, the much cheaper version, is 35% + or - 3% absorbed. Also, you have to keep in mind that what you are trying to get is the Ca++ ion out of these fromulas. 500 mg of calcium citrate has much less Ca++ in it than carbonate because the citrate molecule is HUGE compared to the carbonate molecule. I believe you are only getting around 50 mg of Ca++ from 500 mg of the citrate formula, compared to around 300 of the carbonate. As for the question about Vitamin D; Vitamin D is essential in order for the body to use Ca++ in bone formation. Vitamin D is not supplied in sufficient quantities in any natural food really, but thats cool because D is really a hormone, not a vitamin. It is synthesized by the skin from exposure to ultraviolet ( Sun) light. So you don’t really need to orally supplement D, unless you live in a cave. Just rll up your sleeves and go outside; 15 minutes of facial exposure alone synthesizes enough D for one week. Hope that clears a few things up for ya.

go to wallachonline.com, click on products, then scroll down to the bottom and click ultimate products. Then choose ultimate CAL.

I believe Solaray makes a calcium hydroxylapatite.

How bout cottage cheese. im sure they need the protein too. and tell them to lift weights. then this discussion on calcium becomes moot.