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Calcium Supps for Lactose Intolerance?


I'm lactose intolerant and as such have pretty much cut out dairy produce from my diet. My main concern is that dairy is one of the main sources of calcium in our diet, and that calcium is essential for bone health and to some degree muscle health, nerve transmission and blood clotting.

Would you recommend that someone like me who eats no dairy take some form of calcium supplement? If so, would there be potential benefits transferring over into my performance (I sprint and lift weights) as opposed to just future health benefits with bone density?


Get yoru calcium from green leafy veggies. This is one of the best most bioavailable sources.


This is good advice.
Also when you eat chicken legs, suck out the marrow. I think it's really tasty so that's a plus also.


have you tried any whey isolates? they should be lactose-free


Also, try vitamin D-3. D truly helps the body absorb and utilize calcium in your diet. I take 4-5 caps per day. I've noticed I'm cutting my nails every 5 days on this regimen, so I know it's working. And I take NO calcium supps, nor do I drink milk (though I do eat a yogurt every day and an occasional bowl of ice cream).


Yeah, ^THIS^ and vitamin K2 are the two key regulators of proper calcium metabolism (including healthy osteoblast production and healthy uptake of other key components of STRONG bone tissue It also helps keep CONNECTIVE TISSUE AND MUSCLE TISSUE free from calcification. <--I'd suspect most ppl that have spent some time under the iron would greatly benefit from K2)).