Calcium D Glucarate Eliminates Testosterone?

It’s been shown that calcium d glucarate eliminates estrogen metabolites faster. But it also shows that it eliminates ALL steroids including DHEA and testosterone. Can anyone on here comment on this? Or being on TRT and using CDG is not an issue?

What does the first “it” (second word) refer to? Is there a study you are talking about you can link?

Yeah it as in the study. Let me grab the link.

" Although no studies have directly investigated the excretion of testosterone, it is known to be glucuronidated[18][19] and inhibition of glucuronidation is a mechanism by which green tea catechins are thought to increase testosterone in the body;[20] it is wholly plausible that serum testosterone is reduced following glucaric acid supplementation, but currently not demonstrated.

Furthermore, urinary 17-ketosteroids (collective term for DHEA, androstenedione, androsterone, and estrone) appear to be increased approximately 200% following 2 days on a diet containing 10% calcium-D-glucarate in rats, but is attenuated to 50% after two weeks.["

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I will bump this thread because it’s left unanswered. I got myself some D-Glucarate and wondering about the exact same thing…

This question specifically…

So far according to my blood work, and taking 3 grams a day there’s no effect on testosterone. Estrogen dropped in half. But I think this is due to switching from cypionaye back to enanthate. I discuss this in another post.

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Dropped in half? Wow…
I really don’t think Cyp. or Ent. will make that much of difference…
I used them both and my E2 is almost the same. Everyone is different though.
Try stopping CDG and see if your E2 will go back up maybe?

I read in another post that @systemlord was saying smth. like CDG will not effect E2 with the way we expected?? Sorry if i’m recalling wrong. I can’t find that post again.

All I know in the minimum it’s stopped all my acne outbreaks and cleared my skin. I had acne for over a year on every dosage or protocol. Yeah for me cyp raised my E2 considerably. Not sure why.

I guess i will have to try it for myself…Which brand CDG you got?

NOW brand. From iHerb

Anyone have any updates on CDG?