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Calcium, Copper, and T-Levels

I’m somewhat sure that I don’t get enough calcium, as I don’t drink milk or eat a tremendous amount of dairy, and my multi only has 20% of the US RDA of calcium. Does being low on calcium negatively affect T-levels? I thought I might’ve read that somewhere.

Likewise, does being low on copper affect T-levels negatively? I’ve read that supplementing with zinc (I take ZMA) can inhibit the body’s absorbtion of copper, and that one might then want to supplement with additional copper.

Any insight would be appreciated.


it would seem like common since to me that being deficient in any minerals would hinder and have an effect on a T-man, what i would do is get a liquid calcium with and all the minerals in it together so that you don’t have to worry about all that, what goes with what stuff, let nature sort it out. check out Life Force, osteoprocare
it’s the best I’ve found www.lifeforce-intl.com