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Calcium and ZMA????

For my last meal of the day I like to eat a protein bar with a tbls. of flax seed oil. I am also taking ZMA before bed. My question is this; if the protein bar contains 50% the RDA (which I believe is between 500-600mg) for calcium how long do I have to wait afterwards before taking my ZMA? Thank you in advance.

Calcium interfers with the other nutrients absorbtion… period. You want to take ZMA when absorbtion by you GI is best, this would be 2-3 hours after a meal.

I just take my ZMA 45 to 60 minutes before my pre-bed shake of advanced protein. Try to time it between the last solid meal and the last protein shake meal or bar or whatever. Personally, I don’t think the bar before bed is a great idea, but that’s just me.

Why dont you recomend the bar?

I would not worry about the calcium issue.
I know the company that makes the ZMA tries
to make a big deal out of it – doing so helps
sell product – but in fact one can not
only get enough zinc while also taking calcium, but can easily overdose. Indeed, I’m more concerned about people overdosing with ZMA than with whether they get enough zinc, and no one who is eating say a pound of red meat per day and on top of that some MRP’s has any need for extra zinc in my opinion (and no one has shown otherwise.)

Can’t absorb zinc and calcium at the same time?
As a former contributor to T-mag once wrote,
do you think cavemen were saying, “Zog, you fool! Don’t eat that root and the deer penis at the same time! Don’t you know that the calcium in the root will interfere with the absorption of zinc from the deer penis?!?”

All life on earth has been consuming calcium
and zinc in the same meals for billions of years. I think that about says it all.

Bill, what are the risks of overdosing on ZMA?

The primary risk of overdosing on zinc is adverse effect on cardiovascular health.