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Calcium and Strong Bones


HI I was wondering what you guys take for your bones. I dont drink milk or any other dairy product. I eat good clean food but who knows if I am getting enough calcium. What foods contain the most calcium?

Also there are so many calcium supplements and I keep reading that some arent absorbed as well as others. Maybe someone could shed some light about this for me. What else can one do to help keep strong bones? thanks for the help I appreciate it.


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can anyone here please give me some feed back

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Do you think if I eat people that I will not only absorb there soul but calcium from there bones?

Thanks but I live in IL and dont know what taro or poi is? Seal is out of the question aswell, but there are plenty of people around.


Tinned fish like sardines with the soft bones present.


Apple cider vinegar.


The relationship of calcium in the foods you eat to the strength of your bones is not nearly as linear as popularly believed. Drinking a ton of milk and popping calcium pills will not save you from brittle bones if you have no awareness of the way other dietary factors inhibit calcium absorption. It's complex topic. Here's a place to start:



Ok thanks I just read it and its interesting but most of it I already knew. Thats the reason I am asking because there are two sides of the coin. First finding somethijg that I can consume for good bone health that is good for me( not milk) and second making sure I do what I can for proper absorbtion. Th eone part I want to make sure of is they say that we should have around a 4:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium for proper absorbtion of bolth correct?

Also they dont give you a recomendation for the amount of vit d so do you have any opinion on that? I will try and google it to look up more info.



Also I have another question. The Paleo diet basically says you cant have any carbs except from fruits or vege's. So if you are a athlete who needs a higher energy supply what are you supposed to eat? Before reading this I have been eating sweet potatos and wild rice thinking that they were an exception but it says there not. I have been staying away from most of the stuff like milk, ect ect. but didnt think there was anything wrong with the above. Also I sometimes eat oatmeal aswell. I tried the search on here but it doesnt work for me is it broke?



I believe broccoli is an excellent source of calcium and very tasty, too.

Really you need to do a google search, there are tonnes of veges that are high in calcium.


If you're an athlete, eat what your body needs. It really won't make a difference if you have some whole grain bread or pasta if you need it for a practice or game that day.


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Take a bunch of greens and blend em up into a shake.... add stuff to make it tasty.

Ex. kale, a banana, Metabolic Drive, blueberries... Tastes great, greens and whey provide the calcium. Enjoy.

Ah no dairy, lol... In that case, pack more greens! :slightly_smiling:


Vitamins D and K (preferable as D3 and K2, respectively, if you go with the supplemental route), as well as magnesium, are very good for this purpose, as well as many others. You don't hear about them anywhere near as much as calcium, partly because they don't have an entire industry that stands to benefit from promoting them (and, of course, partly because our bones are made from calcium, but these are all still very important).


a 2 to 1 ratio is good for cal to mag and make sure it has at least 400 ius of vitamin D and adding the vitamin K a good idea to.