Calcium and Magnesium

Hey Friends, I take ZMA–I find it helps my strength goals. You know, for those of you who take it, the label says NOT to take ZMA with calcium. I asked why and was told Mg and Ca compete for the same “receptor” sites and should not be taken together. BUT have you seen all the CaMg supplements out there?! They all claim the opposite of what I just stated–they say you should take Ca and Mg TOGETHER so they CAN be absorbed. I’m confused. Does any one have any insight? Any studies out there that show you shouldn’t take Ca and Mg together? Thanks!

Victor Conte is an expert in this field and he goes into some details about minerals in an article from way back.

Hey Dee,I learned from Poliquin that the reason they bottle them together is that they found them together in a rock that is a cheap source of the two minerals, so they assumed that was the way to best absorb them.