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Calcio Fiorentino = Bareknuckle Rugby

Calcio Fiorentino was an early version of football started in 16th century Italy…

…It was played in teams of 27, using both feet and hands. Goals could be scored by throwing the ball over a designated spot on the perimeter of the field. The playing field is a giant sand pit with a goal running the width of each end…

…The modern version allows tactics such as head-butting, punching, elbowing, and choking, but forbids sucker-punching and kicks to the head.
[from Wikipedia]

So its kinda like Rugby, except kicking, elbowing, head butting, and choking are legal tactics. You can elbow and choke your opponent when he is down in order to get him to release possession of the ball. You can also have punch outs in order to eliminate the good players of the opposite team, by simply beating the shit out of them. You have about twice as many guys on the field as rugby, and you play in a big sand pit. I also bet these guys get pretty drunk after their games.

The action starts about 2 min:

Some pictures:


That’s some crazy shit.

It looks like most of the guys don’t even care about the ball.