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Calamari Nutrition Information


is calamari a bad choice for a bodybuilding diet during any phase?
i was just wondering because i have a weakness for it and my wife and i found an asian resturant that serves it with an awesome sweet mustard sauce. since i'm on a bulking phase we've been eating there a few times a week and every time i get the squid. any info about the calamari would be helpful.


Is it fried?


Dude, have you ever had calamari any other way? LOL I guess it could be sushi, too though.

Anyway, to answer the question, it looks like calamari for the most part is pretty decent for you. I found a spot on the net with some nutrition info:

Calamari: serving size 3.5 oz., 92 calories, 1.38g fat, 233mg cholesterol, 15.58g protein

Watch out for the wasabi! :slight_smile:


thanks. and yes its fried but at such a temp. that the oil doesn't penatrate the squid which cuts down on the fat of the meal.


Ha, no. But I've never had it at an asian restaurant.

Is it bad for you? Or is that just your warning to him so he'll be able to taste something for the next few days?


I've had pickled calamari before.

Also, little known fact, calamari oddly has the same nutritional content as discarded foreskins...


Ok, and you know this how? Actually I don't want to know how you know, ewww.


An old Jewish joke -
Beware the mohel who also runs a calamari bar :wink:


Hmmm i've always wondered why they were served as rings


just get the grilled calamari steaks.
whats the name of the dish your refering to i want to try it.