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CAL-MAG : To Take or Not?

Hi, I am a little confused about cal-mag supplementation so I would appreciate if I could have some clarification on this matter :

I’ve always been told that cal-mag is an essential supplement for any bodybuilder due to the high protein consumption which leads to a calcium defiency. Thats why Cal-Mag is always a part of my supplements list.

But I think I read that Poliquin recommends to not supplement with cal-mag…Maybe i’m wrong.

Can anyone brings some more infos on this please?

Thanks for help.

Don’t take calcium and magnesium together. You won’t get the same effect as taking them at different times of the day.

keep your fruit and vegetable intake high and add a greens powder if needed. keeping the net acid-base load on you kidneys slightly basic will negate the effects of the acidity of the protein, and allow the protein intake to be anabolic for all lean tissue. see Berardi’s article:


or this study:

you will realize that there is more to calcium balance than simply taking in a certain amount, as keeping an alkaline diet actually lowers needs greatly, conversely eating a more ‘standard’ diet requires a higher intake. as for calcium intake, 4 scoops of Metabolic Drive provide 80% of daily calcium requirements and ZMA will provide more than enough magnesium and zinc at the appropriate time (cheap too, $9/month).

some of my clients who i have extensive dietary records for have actually increased bone density (as measured by DEXA) with a chronically below recommended intake for calcium (usually 60-80% of DRI). HOWEVER, it should be noted that these individuals maintained daily PRAL values of (-50 to -150 mEq), otherwise, such results are not expected. note these results are from 3 people over peroids of 4-7 months between DEXA scans.