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Cakelifting's Log - Starting Out

So my brother and I have just started getting into weightlifting in order to improve our performance at Rugby and improve our athletic performance in general. I’ll be using this log to document our progress and seek advice from those more experienced than us and that’s pretty much everyone.

I have done some basic lifting at the school gym before however it wasn’t very serious or consistent and was mainly bodybuilding orientated. My brother hasn’t really done anything however is big for his age (15).

We both started Stronglifts 5x5 program today in order to build up slowly and develop some solid technique. We’ve started with the following weights-
Squats 60kg 5x5
Bench 40kg 5x5
Row 40kg 5x5
Deadlift 60kg 1x5
Overhead Press 5x5
We’ll be working out from home in our new home gym. I’ll be performing mobility work on off days to improve form and increase flexibility.

My main goals from the 5x5 program will be to-

  1. Build a foundation of good technique and form and teach ourselves good workout practices.

  2. Gain size and strength.

My brother has consistent games on a Sunday so wont be performing workouts on Fridays or Saturdays in order to manage fatigue and avoid game performance being hindered. This will be the same for me as I will have less frequent games on Saturdays and will therefore take Thursday and Friday off. We will both sometimes have school games mid week in the run up to Christmas and therefore will take the Monday session off for the same reasons.

The workout we completed today was the following-
Squats 60kg 5x5
Bench Press 40kg 5x5
Row 40kg 5x5

Please give any feedback or recommendations/advice.



So last night my brother completed the following workout:

Squats 62.5kg 5x5
Overhead Press 20kg 5x5
Deadlift 1x5

Form on squats looked a lot better with 5kg plates beneath his heals and made them a lot more stable and upright. I completed the same weights however I only took the weights for singles just to practice my form as its game day today! I’ll complete the same workout tomorrow morning.

So I was very disappointed to find out today that I’m now too old for school rugby, so I didn’t get to play a single minute yesterday which was a shame. So I got home and completed the following workout which means I’m caught up with my brother-

Squats 62.5kg 5x5
Overhead Press 20kg 5x5
Deadlift 60kg 1x5

Squats got better as the sets went on after my legs warmed up a bit, deadlift feels really weak! It’ll come tho!

So last night I completed the following workout which was to practice my form and staying really tight and stable in my upper back in order to create a better platform to hold the bar.

Squat 10x1 62.5kg

This morning I woke up early to complete this workout as my last of the week.

Squats 65kg 5x5
Bench Press 42.5kg 5x5
Row 42.5kg 5x5

This felt fast and strong. Looking forward to next week as I’ve got some squat shoes arriving so I don’t have to use plates under my heels. My brother should be completing the same workout on his own tonight!

Workout update.
My brother just completed the following workout:

Squats 65kg 5x5
Bench 42.5kg 5x5
Row 42.5kg 5x5

I could help but take some singles out with the squats and bench aswell as complete all 5x5 sets of rows.

Just received my new squats shoes. Looking forward to using them for my next workout!

First workout using my squat shoes and they felt amazing! really enjoying training at the minute! So here’s what me and my brother completed!

Squat 67.5kg 5x5
Overhead Press 22.5kg 5x5
Deadlift 65kg 1x5

Going well, my brother seems to be getting more into it and forms definitely improving on all fronts!

Hit my next workout today- my brother had training so he missed it! I did:

Squats 70kg 5x5 they felt really hard today!
Bench Press 45kg 5x5
Row 45kg 5x5

Looking forward to fridays workout.

Friday’s workout went well.
Completed the following with lots left in the tank, widening my deadlift stance slowly, seems to be working better with my mechanics!
Squats 72.5kg 5x5
Overhead Press 25kg 5x5
Deadlift 70kg 1x5

Slowly building, I’m gonna start doing workouts every other day to speed it up, taking rest days when I’m really not feeling it!

Completed the next workout tonight. Cleaning up my diet from now on to help recovery.

Squats 75kg 5x5
Bench 47.5kg 5x5
Row 47.5kg 5x5

All coming together slowly.

I completed this workout this morning.

Squats 77.5kg 5x5
Overhead press 27.5kg
Deadlift 75kg 1x5

Coming together well had to use 3 minute rest periods on my squat, taking a rest so whould be better by thursday.

been playing loads of rugby recently so weights have taken a hit. Completed these two workouts in the last 10ish days

Squat 80kg 5x5
Bench 50kg 5x5
Row 50kg 5x5

Squat 82.5kg 5x5
Overhead Press 30kg 5x5
Deadlift 80kg 5x5

Completed this workout yesterday

Squats 82.5kg 5x5
Bench 52.5kg 5x5
Row 52.5kg 5x5

its all coming together