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Cake Next to My Name?

What is it? Wondering

I heard they give it to you the day before you are banned from the site as something of a “last meal”


Could also be a voucher for a free supplement since I am entering my tenth year on this site

moderators please confirm

Its a birthday cake icon, displayed each year on the day you signed up for T-Nation


People can hope lol

It’s linked to your Skynet, I mean Google, account. They know you’ve been gaining weight recently and they are passive-aggressively mocking you.


Lol, don’t flare up my schizophrenia

Joking I am not, only dysthymic

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:grin: every one of these responses were great lol


Just saw a cake beside my name and it reminded me I’ve been coming here since ‘06. Damn I’m old. Actually, longer. Was too intimidated at first. People were no nonsense. Miss those days.

I could really use an actual piece of cake, By the way.