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CAIR'S Activities - excerpts from Muslim Mafia

CAIR is trying to block this book and get it trashed.
See why:http://creepingsharia.wordpress.com/2009/10/19/muslim-mafia-more-excerpts-from-inside-cair/

Some of CAIR’s activities include:

â?¢CAIR is running an influence operation against members of key homeland security committees on Capitol Hill and planting Islamist spies in congressional offices.
â?¢During the 2004 presidential campaign, CAIR organized a â??task forceâ?? of other radical Muslim Brotherhood fronts to hammer out a â??Muslim platformâ?? that initially included a draft proposal â??supporting Islamic groups including Mr. Bin Laden and his associates.â??
â?¢CAIRâ??s leadership is coordinating political activities during monthly breakfasts with Congressman Ellison, who boasted during a Juma prayer in the Capitol building that theyâ??ll have fifteen Muslims like him in Congress by the next election and then far more after that.
â?¢CAIR is doing an inordinate amount of political lobbying and campaigning possibly in violation of its 501©(3) tax-exempt status, which restricts such activities.
â?¢CAIR lists in a â??strategyâ?? document marked â??Company Proprietaryâ?? a long-term goal of â??influencing congressmen responsible for policy that directly impacts the American Muslim community,â?? including â??congressmen on the judiciary, intelligence, and homeland security committees.â??
â?¢CAIR last year teamed up with a terror-tied Islamic investment bank to attack publicly traded American firms who refuse to comply with Shariah law by using shareholder resolutions, divestitures, and boycotts against them.
â?¢Stung by recent terrorism charges, CAIR is losing members and dues and operating in the red; in fact, it is struggling financially to the point where it has to rent out one of the three floors it operates at its Capitol Hill headquarters.
â?¢CAIR is suffering from a whopping 50 percent employee turnover rate in the Washington area and having a difficult time recruiting new talent.
�Interns have refused to be formally photographed with CAIR officials for fear of being associated with terrorists and profiled at airports, and some have even removed their CAIR experience from their resumés.
â?¢CAIR executives travel regularly to the Middle East to raise cash, and bank wire transfers show Saudi princes have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to CAIRâ??even as it claims to receive no foreign support.
â?¢While cash-poor, CAIR is asset-rich, and in recent years has partnered with Arab investorsâ??including a UAE defense minister who once equipped Osama bin Ladenâ??s camps in Afghanistanâ??to finance its headquarters and buy up an alarming number of parcels of property in downtown DC while shielding them under a holding company.
â?¢CAIR tried to muscle out other groups to represent the so-called Flying Imams against US Airways, promising them â??large compensation,â?? and in another revelation, CAIR had a previous history with the lead imam in the case, working with him on a similar stunt that occurred on board an America West flight.
â?¢CAIR went to extraordinary lengths to shake down Bank of America in a frivolous claim of discrimination involving a Muslim employee, internal strategy documents reveal.
â?¢In spite of claims it represents all Muslims, CAIR routinely discriminates against Shiites and other Muslimsâ??including its own employeesâ??in favor of Sunni Muslims.
â?¢CAIR is actively training Homeland Security agents to respect Muslims and Islam, while brainwashing them to think jihad means â??internal struggle against sin,â?? and not holy war, as part of a dangerous disinformation campaign.

THis Book Muslim Mafia by Dave Gaubatz was published a few years ago.

CAIR is of course, a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Excellent book. The son of one of the co-authors posed as a Muslim convert, joined CAIR as an intern and reported on their activities over a period of six months.

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