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Cain Velasquez


Watching the preview show for UFC 99, and stepped out of the room for the commercials, and came back, and just missed the segment where the AKA guys talk about Cain. Correct me if I am wrong, but did they say he is the "best" fighter at AKA? If so they must be crazy....unless someone actually saw the piece...



You can watch it again on UFC.com.


Great hype piece. I would consider myself a fan of Cain, but he still has a lot to prove. This fight will go a long way in doing that. Kongo with a decent TD defense is a dangerous apponent. I am almost hoping Kongo pulls it off and finds a place in line for a title shot. Cain, in my opinion, will have a better chance of rebounding from a loss. The UFC seems to have a lot invested in him and he would probably get back in the mix fairly soon after a loss to Kongo.

Either way, I think it's going to be a hell of a fight.


Velasquez is the big dog at AKA, and Has been for a while. Javier Melendez reckons that he is the most talented fighter ever to walk through the doors of AKA. Put is this way, when Machida went and trained at AKA the rumour is that Velasquez was able to throw him around like he was a child.

Melzter wrote a piece on him recently....



Velasquez looks like a hell of a fighter to me.
He has a reckless chin, however.


Yep...that's why he took those hard shots....BUT damn did he show some toughness in that reckless chin. His coaches do need to fix that problem if/when he steps up to Carwin.


Yeah, Carwin will definitely put him to sleep if he connects with that straight right of his.

I really don't know how Cain is going to do against someone like Carwin or Brock, both are bigger, stronger wrestlers and Carwin has dynamite in his hands. I don't think Cain matches up with them well stylistically. Cain also either doesn't have any submission skills, or he's not very confident in the skills that he does have because he had countless opportunities for submissions against Kongo.

I'd like to see him fight someone like Randy or Nog though.


In the spirit of GSP, "I was not impressed by his performance". If he hadn't been hyped up so much I probably wouldnt bat an eye, but he is being billed as "the next big thing" which I don't see yet. Even as weak as the UFC heavyweight division is I still cant see this guy threatening the title anytime soon. Whoever wins, be it Lesnar or Mir, should handle this guy no problem. And then what?




Well...considering that this was his first real test...I was impressed. Of course there is room for improvement. You can't deny that he is still a top prospect in the HW division...regardless of his shortcomings against Kongo. As for the "hype"...its no different than Brock's hype as "the next big thing." Although,Cain showed something against Kongo that is still unproven in Brock.

Besides,stop eating up that hype....do your own homework. :slight_smile:


I am, and as much as people say that Lesnar is a fake hype machine champ, I see him (Lesnar) destroying Velasquez judging by his performance tonight. Lesnar is probably as heavy-handed, albeit not as crisp, as Congo which gave Velasquez a couple close calls, and he certainly wont be out-wrestling the big man and laying on him with weak gnp. Just what I see at this point anyway and he will get a chance to prove me wrong.


Cain has a chin of fucking granite. Damn he took some hard shots. I couldnt believe how fast he recovered.

His standup needs work obviously..as well as his ability to finish on the ground. He is still green. But he is young and hungry. Im sure he will be even better next time.

This fight was a great experience for him. He gained a lot from it. He got the win..but showed some big holes in his game he has to fill up. Which will keep his ego in check and make him continue working harder. He is a hard worker. He will do well. I wouldnt be surprised to see the title around his waist in a year or two.


I wonder who is going to fight Mir after he loses to Lesnar. I wouldn't mind seeing Cain vs. Frank. I think Cain would hold his own standing and could keep it off the ground.


his stand up defense needs work. chin of granite, yes! handed kongo his own ass? YUP! He literally threw kongo around. Lesnar has a couple figts under his belt. I still don't think he is the best HW. Just good marketing/ sales got him there. Yes his size and speed are very impressive. But he is still new to MMA where a lot of these guys have trained 10 + yrs. I'm not a mir fan. so I don know who I want to win that fight. maybe mir just so we can shut the public up about lesnar. carwin, velasquez, mir, all awsome contenders for HW. I would love to see carwin / lesnar or carwin/ velasquez.


There are a ton of good potential match-ups in the HW division and it's only getting better. I would like to see Lesnar vs. Carwin and Velasquez .vs Mir. We haven't seen enough of him yet, but I hope Dos Santos makes his way up the ranks. I also beleive Gonzaga will remain relavent and make at least one more run towards the top.

You throw in another good fight or two from Randy and Nog, the hopeful improvement of Pat Berry and Kongo, and good crop of fighters from TUF 10 and the HW division is shaping up to be one of the more exciting divisions in the UFC. I honestly beleive we will start to see more finishes than decisions in this division. Just some insanely powerful individual running through the HW ranks right now.


I tend to agree. I think the UFC's heavyweight division is as stacked now as it's ever been. Not quite what Pride's was in it's hayday, but pretty damn close (at least as far as exciting match-ups go).

I'd also like to see Cain vs. Mir. That would be a pretty evenly matched and exciting fight IMO.


for some reason I could care less to see Mir fight. Even most HW's I don't care too much to fight.
The best fights for HW's come in K-1..always exciting seeing them go at it.


for some reason I could care less to see Mir fight. Even most HW's I don't care too much to fight.
The best fights for HW's come in K-1..always exciting seeing them go at it.